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Programming Policy

The Moorestown Library offers programming for all ages based on our mission to strengthen our community by inspiring and supporting learning, literacy, creativity, and expression. The library strives to provide programs that reflect the diverse interests and needs of our community.

Library-sponsored events are free and open to the public. When safety, room capacity, cost, or the success of an event requires, attendance will be limited. Criteria for attendance limits may include advance registration, participant’s age, or grade level, and/or library membership. No fees may be charged to people attending programs except with the approval of the library director.

The purpose of library programs is for the enrichment of the community. Library-sponsored events must have a particular educational, informational, or cultural value. No presenter shall use a program to advertise or recruit customers or members, nor to collect signatures for petitions or letters. Programs may not be used for commercial, business solicitation, religious, or partisan purposes. The library does not offer programs that support or oppose a specific religious conviction. However, events celebrating holidays, customs, or other cultural celebrations may be offered. Election information, such as candidates’ forums that include invitations to all recognized candidates, or ballot measure information sessions, may be offered.

The library staff uses the following criteria when planning programs:

  • Relevance to current community needs and interests
  • Presenter background, reputation, and qualifications in the content area
  • Budget
  • Availability of program space
  • Connection to other community programs, exhibits, or events
  • Relation to library collections, resources, or exhibits

Requests from individuals to present programs will be considered and weighed against these criteria. Program presenters will be carefully vetted to prepare a program schedule that meets the library’s standards. Potential presenters will be asked to complete a program proposal form. The Program Proposal Form can be found below.

All programming decisions are determined by staff, who reserve the right to decline any proposed program. Library staff will not be liable for the content of any program presented by a third party. Staff facilitated programs are given priority for meeting room reservations. When a library program is not scheduled, these rooms may be made available for events presented by outside individuals or organizations at the discretion of township staff.

The library promotes library-sponsored events to maximize public engagement. To ensure successful promotion of library events, presenters must comply with all staff requests for program information in a timely manner. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of an event. The library reserves the right to cancel a program and reschedule or not at our discretion.

Sale of products during library programs is not allowed, except for the following:

  • Writers and performers may sell their own work at programs they present.
  • The Friends of the Library may sell items at library programs they sponsor.

The library may co-sponsor an event with an outside group at the discretion of library staff, using the criteria for program planning set forth above. Co-sponsorship of an event is defined as the library partnering with another agency, presenter, or business to provide a program to the public. Co-sponsorship does not constitute an endorsement of the content presented nor the views expressed by participants. Partnering agencies, businesses, and organizations will receive acknowledgement in all promotional materials.

Staff may take pictures during programs for use on the library’s social media. Anyone who does not wish to be included in such pictures should notify library staff at the event.

The library does not promote events sponsored by outside groups using the meeting rooms. For more information, please visit our Meeting Room Application section.

The library welcomes feedback from all patrons concerning programs. Questions from the public about a specific event should first be directed to the staff member managing the event. Further questions and concerns should be addressed with the Library Director.

This policy follows the guidance for programming set forth in the American Library Association’s Library Bill of Rights.

Adopted by the Moorestown Library Board of Trustees on 4/26/2023.

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Please Note: Library programs must be primarily informational or entertaining and not designed to promote a business.